Dolly Chakrabarty

ORTIVA made our new home rebuild experience an enjoyable one. Preeti and Prithviraj Dasgupta involved us every step of the way from layout planning, exterior facade design, electrical placements and interior aesthetics. Despite the Covid19 pandemic lockdown in 2020 and the difficulties thereafter, ORTIVA’s commitment was unwavering and the team worked diligently to give us a before time handover smoothly and with just days to spare before the second Covid19 lockdown in 2021. ORTIVA has a solid reputation for honouring commitments and their reliable post handover service is very reassuring. I wish the entire ORTIVA team continued success in their future endeavours and projects.

Dr. S.K. Bhattacharya

When we decided to redevelop our property we selected ORTIVA due to their reputation for honouring commitments, delivering projects before time and unmatched after handover maintenance service. We enjoyed our experience working with the entire ORTIVA team and consider them a part of our extended family. We wish Prithviraj & Preeti Dasgupta and their entire team the very best and lots of success going forwards.

Pradip Chakraborty

In an industry where honouring commitments is rare, ORTIVA has earned a solid reputation for excellent construction quality, timely project delivery, reliable post handover service and transparent interactions.We are really thankful to Ortiva for timely completion of our house even during difficult pandemic time.When people were losing hope everywhere in the face of Covid 19 challenges,Mr.Dasgupta always reassured us and kept his word in letter and spirit. His caring and helpful attitude is worth appreciating!We had a hassle free and wonderful experience working with the ORTIVA team. When our friends and family visit they praise our beautiful home. We are so glad we decided on ORTIVA to redevelop our property and we wish Mr. Prithviraj Dasgupta, Mrs. Preeti Dasgupta and their team continued success for the future.

Inder Mohan Gauba

CA, CS, LL.B., PGD (adr)

aving purchased our home bearing the brand ORTIVA in Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi, India, we went ahead further buying another ORTIVA home in C R Park, New Delhi, India for our daughter, Kanika , Professor at APU, Bangalore (formerly , Assistant Registrar , Supreme Court). Yet again, another ORTIVA home has been acquired within our family in Pamposh Enclave, New Delhi, India.
ORTIVA to us stands for Commitment, Quality, Timelines and After Sale Assurances.The very professional and personal touch of Prithviraj Dasgupta and Preeti Dasgupta have earned them to be our extended family like and have positioned them to be one of the Top Developers in their field.
ORTIVA doesn’t just give a home, they assure peace of mind.
Wish them the very best and lots of success going forwards.

Dr ( Mrs) Sumita Ghosh Roy and Dr Niloy Roy

A one liner describing our experience with Ortiva would be that of a completely fulfilling one. Not only did we get a beautiful home but also found wonderful friends in Preeti and Prithwiraj Dasgupta.

Building a house is normally fraught with a lot of “ifs and buts” compounded with apprehensions of “trials and tribulations”. To put it in simply, our first meeting with Mr Dasgupta was enough to put aside most of our inhibitions, while the rest followed suit as the project progressed-on time as promised. Not to forget all this was through the lockdowns and embargos that swept through most of the last year.

Today, as we look at our dream home with pride words remain inadequate to express our gratitude to team Ortiva without whom the dream may have remained-just that.

The ever smiling countenance of the couple, often accommodating last minute exclusions and inclusions were done with patience and understanding. Appreciated those, very few though times when they sat us down and explained the pros and cons of some of our impulsive requests.

Preeti of course prevented many a war from being fought when assigning interiors was concerned. Last but not the least is their assurance of handing over a dream with a well-oiled support system in place , should there be an eventuality just melted all our worries away

Dr Debajyoti Chaudhuri

We had heard about Ortiva Realty through a close friend, who had said just one thing that struck me as most relevant – THEY DELIVER WHAT THEY PROMISE.

While Covid-19 continues to create havoc, disrupt lives and change all well made plans, it was amazing to receive our redeveloped property well within the stated date in the midst of a global pandemic.

And the finished product, as we received it, was nothing short of an architectural marvel.

To create an aesthetic three bedroom unit, with all modern fixtures, and amenities, in a relatively small space, and one that could well compete with any high high end apartment abroad, bears testimony to a team that clearly is out to set standards that are unheard of in this industry.

The entire experience has been stress-free, efficient and extremely rewarding.

Thank you Prithviraj, Preeti and Ortiva Realty.


PS- Prithviraj is an enigma and a maverick. An entrepreneur, who wears many hats. His knowledge of history, economics, politics and current affairs sees him deliver lectures as an invited faculty in a variety of topics. The discussions in these topics have personally been an enriching experience for me.

Dr. Sarathi Roy

Sr. Managing Director, Freepoint Commodities, Connecticut, USA

The saying is, one can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? when Ortiva Realty started walking, I broke into profuse sweating because I couldn’t keep up. Not only did they deliver everything promised for the closing process, it was done ahead of time. I’m just amazed, and wonderstruck at the level of professionalism in execution. I’ve had the time to see for myself what they have built in the past, I now can’t wait to see what they will do to transform my childhood home. May the Ortiva Realty team be blessed always, they now have me as a client, well wisher and family member for life. If India has more professionals like them, she will be unstoppable. It was also such a matter of pride to introduce Prithviraj & Preeti Dasgupta to the neighbours who have known me since childhood. Each said that their reputation precedes them. A great tribute to my parents by having them as a partner. From the bottom of my heart, they have my ringing endorsement and others will be blessed to have the opportunity to partner with them. May Ortiva Realty fly high and set the gold standard in the property development business.

Shelly Vohra & Saurabh Das

Our first meeting with Ortiva was a sheer chance. However, it is often such chances that make life mystical and magical in equal proportion. 

Our initial interaction with Prithviraj and Preeti Dasgupta was enough to tell us that Ortiva was a brand setout to reimagine the whole realty space one house at a time. And we had found ourselves the right custodian & partner for realizing our own dream. 

That was almost a year ago. And within 12 months, as promised, we received the handover of our home. Such timeliness and predictability is often not associated with this industry. But that’s how Ortiva differentiates and delights.

Post handover – like proud parents to a child, we have been showing our home to our friends & near ones. And we have been amazed with compliments we have received on the location, quality and finish. #ProudMoments that were enabled by Ortiva.

We complement Ortiva not just for our partnership, but the challenge they have accepted to completely re-imagine the industry of realty with one potent weapon i.e. “Customer-centricity”.

We wish Ortiva continued success and more power to you to realize many more dreams!


“We selected Ortiva Realty for their unmatched record of “before time” project completion, superior construction quality and exceptional post handover maintenance service. Since moving in to our new home we have received constant praise from our relatives, guests, neighbours and even from strangers on their morning walk in the park in front of our property. It has been wonderful interacting with Ortiva Realty and now both Prithviraj & Preeti Dasgupta are like family members. We wish them success in all their future endeavours.”

Rishi Rana & Rashmi Bharadwaj

Executive Producer, ESP Films and Freelance Content Writer

“Knowing how others have gone through frustrating and even horrifying experiences with builders, we expected a fairbit of struggle with whichever developer we would eventually choose. However, after meeting Prithviraj and Preeti Dasgupta and understanding their meticulous and above-board approach to their work, we were confident that they were the right people for us. Right from the start of the project to the end, they have always been accessible, willing to listen and completely transparent about everything. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to make our ‘Taj Mahal’. Wishing Ortiva Realty all the best for the future”

Ashish Mukherjee

Senior Associate Editor with The India Today Group

“In an industry where quality is nobody’s business and commitment is an overrated term, Ortiva Realty stands out like a star, an oasis in a desert. A-class construction quality, before-time delivery of project, professional project management, transparent legal documentation and jaw-dropping building design, Ortiva Realty delivers–always. I would recommend them to everyone!”

J. Menon

Professor at Shiv Nadar University

Ortiva Realty re-developed my family’s house and we could not have asked for a better experience. The flats have been beautifully done with immense care taken over every aspect ranging from matching fittings to floors and kitchen and bathroom counters, the outer facade, the interior plan, and so forth. It has been a collaborative experience as our likes and dislikes were taken into account. The best part was not having to deal with the nuts and bolts of construction: everything was handled extremely efficiently by the Ortiva Realty team. Best of all, the re-developed house was given back exactly within the time promised to us at the beginning. I would definitely recommend Ortiva Realty for a professional, efficient and collaborative experience, and in particular congratulate Prithviraj and Preeti Dasgupta for bringing precisely those qualities into the industry”.

Gautam Dutta

Director Marketing, Siemens Industry Software India

“We shared our dreams with Ortiva Realty and they delivered our dreams in the form of our home. Now we are sharing it with our family and friends. We look forward to coming back home after a hard day’s work and feel the happiness. Every aspect of it has been crafted with care by Ortiva Realty. It is a journey we are willing to repeat if we get an opportunity”.

Pallab Banerjee

Group President of Pearl Global Industries Ltd.
Formerly, Vice President at Gap Inc and Managing Director for Gap International Sourcing India Pvt Ltd

“My experience with homes developed by Ortiva Realty is that they are reliably constructed and tastefully finished for maximum comfort and best presentation. Every guest at our place cannot stop praising our home. And above all, dealings with the Ortiva Realty team is always professional, and in my opinion, unmatchable”.

Satish Kumar Sodhani

Managing Director, INCONE AGENCIES PVT. LTD.

“It’s a great pleasure to be associated with Ortiva Realty.  They have constructed my house in GREATER KAILASH-II, NEW DELHI, and have adopted latest technique of construction.  Their performance has been satisfactory and met with the contract conditions.

I take this opportunity to thank you all for delivering the best product and thank you to all support team in Ortiva Realty”.

Manjit Singh & Harwant Sethi

“It is always a pleasure to work with a vendor who can become a part of the family. The dynamic duo of Prithviraj and Preeti Dasgupta came as a vendor and have managed to become a part of our lives.

We live in the beautiful house their company Ortiva Realty has created for us, and on daily basis we thank them for the lovely work they have done for us. At the time of purchasing our house, we had gone to a lot of builder houses, but found a lot of stuff lacking in most of them, or the workmanship was not up to par. But, with Prithviraj, it was as easy as telling him what we want and it was done for us. Preeti helped us take decisions at every step of the way, both for construction and decorating the flat. The most amazing part was that they are standing by their work even after two years of purchase. We can count on them for any problem that we face, with the flat or the equipment provided by them. A great BIG THANKS to both of them for being great people and doing this awesome work”.

Kalidas & Pratima Mukherjee

As a family, we were apprehensive of rebuilding as no one wanted to let go of the memories, the little nooks and corners and even the feel of the house we lived in for so long.

However what we got from Ortiva Realty was so beautiful and well-made that even as a nanogerian now, having personally supervised the  building and then lived in the original house for over 40 years,  I felt comfortable and happy to move in.

The whole transition went off very well and we are now enjoyably settled in the new house.

The Ortiva Realty team really ensured that the quality and time lines were met and in fact generally exceeded. It was a pleasure working them and we became friends over time.

Gautam Chaklader

Executive Director, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)

“Rebuilding a house is a challenge in itself and Ortiva Realty with its mature handling takes very good care of required interfaces with all agencies. They have an excellent sense of home building and always come up with elegant Architecture. The building design is flawless, both interior and exterior, with a finish that is as sharp as it is classy. Above all, Ortiva Realty keeps its commitments and delivers ahead of schedule.   It was a pleasant experience rebuilding with them and I wish the Ortiva Realty team all the very best ….”.

Devashish Dasgupta

Executive Vice President, GSK Consumer Healthcare India Ltd.
Formerly, Country Head - Public Policy & Advocacy, Google India
Formerly, Director & Chief Corporate Officer, Yum Restaurants India

“We have been overwhelmed by the level of professionalism of Ortiva Realty and its entire team, not once but even with our repeat experience. Ortiva Realty’s team is full of passion, dedication and has always gone the extra mile to meet and exceed our expectations.  We left our home with the team for a renovation work while we went off on a holiday, only to come back and find our home much more beautiful with the highest quality workmanship.

We would like to express our immense appreciation and gratitude and wish the team all success in their amazing journey.”

Debashish Bhattacharyya

Co-founder and COO, Erudio Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
Formerly, General Manager at Siemens IT Solutions and Services

“We are happy to see Ortiva Realty grow, and wish them all the best. I have found Ortiva Realty a very professional organisation. Their project management capabilities and commitments are very strong. They are also mindful of the neighbours’ and neighbourhood concerns during the construction phase. I can say that Ortiva Realty is an organisation that delivers projects on time, and stays with their customers throughout the journey and beyond. We wish Ortiva Realty all success.”

Prof. Subrata Mukherjee, Fulbright Grantee, Ph.D. (Indiana) U.S.A.

Former Head of Dept. of Political Science (1997-2000), University of Delhi (South Campus)
Convenor, APISA Working Group on Democracy and Governance Member, Editorial Board of
Korea Observer.

It felt wonderful to be handed over our new flat earlier than planned and just as
we wanted it. Ortiva Realty has built a reputation for honoring commitments and
delivering as promised.They adhere to high standards of integrity and quality
and I found them to be extremely trustworthy.

Mr. Parijat Mondal

As an engineer quality was my overriding consideration when I was deciding to buy
my flat in South Delhi. I was very impressed by Ortiva Realty’s focus on quality, their
abiding commitment to using good quality products and materials, and – most
importantly – the strong professional credentials of their top management.

Amitesh Roy

Founder & CEO, Timeus Interactive Services Pvt. Ltd.

I found Ortiva Realty to be very easy to work with. They included my inputs for the
floor layout plan and fully involved me while finalizing the interior finishes of my flat.
They adhere to time commitments and operate in a transparent and ethical way.

Dr. Dipankar Mukherjee, M.D., F.A.C.S., R.V.T., R.P.V.I.

Vascular Surgeon Certified by American Board of Surgery: General & Vascular Surgery.

Ortiva Realty’s commitment to integrity and quality, their positive reputation in the market and their inherent professionalism were a few of the reasons why we selected them to redevelop our property. Additionally Prithviraj and Preeti Dasgupta have excellent communication skills and make great effort to allow the client to express his or her desires in the construction of their home which is uniquely theirs. This is admirably different from the cookie cutter approach of other builders.

Meenu and Sandeep Chaufla

We had a wonderful experience while identifying a flat with Prithviraj Dasgupta.
It was like a exercise in a most professional manner with Prithviraj explaining minute
things in detail, getting our inputs and working out things with experts.