Dr ( Mrs) Sumita Ghosh Roy and Dr Niloy Roy

A one liner describing our experience with Ortiva would be that of a completely fulfilling one. Not only did we get a beautiful home but also found wonderful friends in Preeti and Prithwiraj Dasgupta.

Building a house is normally fraught with a lot of “ifs and buts” compounded with apprehensions of “trials and tribulations”. To put it in simply, our first meeting with Mr Dasgupta was enough to put aside most of our inhibitions, while the rest followed suit as the project progressed-on time as promised. Not to forget all this was through the lockdowns and embargos that swept through most of the last year.

Today, as we look at our dream home with pride words remain inadequate to express our gratitude to team Ortiva without whom the dream may have remained-just that.

The ever smiling countenance of the couple, often accommodating last minute exclusions and inclusions were done with patience and understanding. Appreciated those, very few though times when they sat us down and explained the pros and cons of some of our impulsive requests.

Preeti of course prevented many a war from being fought when assigning interiors was concerned. Last but not the least is their assurance of handing over a dream with a well-oiled support system in place , should there be an eventuality just melted all our worries away