Dr. Sarathi Roy

Sr. Managing Director, Freepoint Commodities, Connecticut, USA

The saying is, one can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? when Ortiva Realty started walking, I broke into profuse sweating because I couldn’t keep up. Not only did they deliver everything promised for the closing process, it was done ahead of time. I’m just amazed, and wonderstruck at the level of professionalism in execution. I’ve had the time to see for myself what they have built in the past, I now can’t wait to see what they will do to transform my childhood home. May the Ortiva Realty team be blessed always, they now have me as a client, well wisher and family member for life. If India has more professionals like them, she will be unstoppable. It was also such a matter of pride to introduce Prithviraj & Preeti Dasgupta to the neighbours who have known me since childhood. Each said that their reputation precedes them. A great tribute to my parents by having them as a partner. From the bottom of my heart, they have my ringing endorsement and others will be blessed to have the opportunity to partner with them. May Ortiva Realty fly high and set the gold standard in the property development business.